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Monday, 07 September 2009 11:41
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MSD Dick Clark Announcement
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Dear Colleagues:

Today we are taking an important step in building the new Merck by announcing the structure that will enable the new company's success and the leadership team that will guide us into the future.

The structure we are adopting will build on the combined strengths of Merck and Schering-Plough to create a more customer-focused, innovative and diversified global health care company.  It also will allow us to capitalize on our greatest opportunities for growth: emerging markets, biologics and vaccines; a strong and complementary portfolio spanning key therapeutic areas; an expanded pipeline to deliver innovative medicines for patients; and promising animal health and consumer health care businesses.

The actions we are taking to enable us to reach these goals include:

  • In the new Merck, Animal Health and Consumer Health Care will operate as separate business units.
  • We will integrate across our commercial, research and manufacturing divisions to ensure that we have the dedicated focus and resources necessary to become a leader in three key areas: emerging markets, biologics and vaccines.
  • The new company will create two new franchises focused on Women's Health and Endocrine, as well as Mature Brands, to take advantage of the new Merck's broader product portfolio and robust pipeline.

Perhaps most importantly, our new company will benefit from the unparalleled industry experience of senior leaders from both Merck and Schering-Plough.  In fact, about 40 percent of Schering-Plough's senior leaders will be part of the newly combined company in executive roles.

The New Merck Executive Committee

We have assembled an experienced team that I am confident has the breadth of skills and perspectives necessary to deliver on the promise of our combined company.  I am pleased to announce today the new Merck Executive Committee, which will be operational immediately upon close of the merger:

  • Stan Barshay, executive vice president and president, Consumer Health Care
  • Rick Bowles, executive vice president and chief compliance officer
  • Willie Deese, executive vice president and president, Merck Manufacturing Division
  • Ken Frazier, executive vice president and president, Global Human Health
  • Mirian Graddick-Weir, executive vice president, Human Resources
  • Peter Kellogg, executive vice president and chief financial officer
  • Peter Kim, executive vice president and president, Merck Research Laboratories
  • Raul Kohan, executive vice president and president, Animal Health
  • Bruce Kuhlik, executive vice president and general counsel
  • Sue Capps Morris, chief of staff
  • Chris Scalet, executive vice president, Global Services, and chief information officer
  • Merv Turner, chief strategy officer
  • Open position, executive vice president and chief medical officer

New Business

Schering-Plough's animal health business is a world leader, with more than 1,000 marketed products and close to $3 billion in revenue, with strong future growth potential.  Raul Kohan, currently senior vice president and president of Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, will lead the animal health business for the new Merck.

Stan Barshay, currently chairman of Consumer Health Care at Schering-Plough, will guide this important growth area for the new company on an interim basis while we conduct a search for a permanent leader.

New Functions

We are also creating two new functions at the Executive Committee level with the addition of a chief compliance officer and a chief medical officer.

The chief compliance officer is one of a number of best-in-industry approaches at Schering-Plough that will be part of the new Merck.  Through central leadership and management, this position will ensure that the new Merck leads in the important areas of ethics and compliance. I am delighted that Rick Bowles, currently senior vice president of Global Quality Operations at Schering-Plough, will fill this important role for the new company.

A chief medical officer will represent the new Merck to the medical community.  We are considering talent both internally and externally for this important new position, and will announce an appointment at a later date.

In addition to the above-named positions, I am also adding a chief of staff to my team.  Sue Capps Morris, who currently leads the Americas for Merck's Manufacturing Division, will help me efficiently manage the day-to-day business of the much larger company that will result from the merger.

You can learn more about the new Merck's Executive Committee by visiting http://pubaff.merck.com/new_merck/leadership/dick_clark.html.  I also encourage you to read our external announcement about the new company's structure at http://www.merck.com/newsroom/press_releases/corporate/2009_0831.html.

My thanks to Fred Hassan and the Schering-Plough Executive Management Team and Operations Management Team for their help and insights in determining the combined company’s structure.  Their strong leadership of Schering-Plough since we announced the merger has been invaluable, and will continue to be as we work toward the merger's close.

Division and Function Leadership Teams

In addition to the changes we are making to the top-level structure of the new company, our divisions and functions are also redefining their approaches and teams in order to support a more customer-focused, innovative and diversified company.

The people we have selected for each area's senior leadership are among the best in our industry, with proven track records.  They also have the characteristics needed to help us instill the cultural attributes we want in the new Merck: courage and candor, customer focus, and rapid and disciplined decision making.  You will be hearing more about the structure for your division or function and its new leadership from your Executive Committee member.

There is no doubt that both Merck and Schering-Plough have experienced, committed leaders who have helped shape their companies into the strong organizations they are today – and I want to thank everyone for their contributions and efforts.  The decisions I have made regarding the new company's structure and leadership team were not easy, but they were necessary in order to ensure the new Merck reaches its potential – for our customers, shareholders, patients, as well as all of you.

Next Steps

I want to emphasize that until the merger closes, Merck and Schering-Plough remain separate organizations and must continue to operate that way.  Nothing in our structures or leadership will change until we officially become the new Merck.  We remain on track to close in the fourth quarter.

In the meantime, I am counting on everyone to stay focused on our current business and 2009 priorities.  I know the changes we have announced today likely bring a mix of emotions, including new and continued unknowns.  But you have already proven how well the people of Merck and Schering-Plough can perform even in uncertain circumstances, and I need your support in continuing to do just that.

We expect to name additional key members of the new Merck’s leadership, including country managing directors, at the close of the merger.  But the timeline and steps toward making other integration-related decisions will vary by organization and location, and most of you will not see any changes until well after the merger closes. Back in March when we first announced the planned merger, we said that we expected the substantial majority of employees from Schering-Plough to remain with the new company, and that is still our expectation.  It will take time to fully integrate two companies as large as ours, and I ask for your continued patience as we work to build our new company.

After the merger closes, we will begin working within our new structure and new teams, and at that point, will be able to answer more of your questions about the new company and your place in it.  Adam Schechter and Brent Saunders, who have done an outstanding job leading integration planning for Merck and Schering-Plough, will continue to support the integration process after the close as well.

The new Merck that is beginning to take shape will be a formidable company, helping to define a new era in global health care.  We can all be proud of the achievements of both companies.  I look forward to the benefits we will bring to patients and shareowners, and to working together with you to build a bright future for the new Merck and its employees.





今天, 我们宣布了新默沙东的架构,这是我们迈向建立全新的默沙东的重要一步。全新的领导团队相继成立,它将指引新公司走向胜利,率领我们向未来进发。



  • 在新默沙东组织结构中,动物健康产品和消费健康产品将作为独立的部门运行;
  • 我们将整合我们的商务、研发和生产部门,使我们能够集中精力和必要的资源,在新兴市场、生物产品和疫苗这三个领域成为领导者;
  • 新公司将设立两个新的产品组:女性健康和内分泌组,以及成熟品牌组,使得这些产品可以充分利用新公司的产品组合和强大的供应管道。




  • Stan Barshay,执行副总裁,消费健康产品总裁
  • Rick Bowles,执行副总裁,首席合规官
  • Willie Deese,执行副总裁,默克生产部总裁
  • Ken Frazier,执行副总裁,全球人类健康部总裁
  • Mirian Graddick-Weir,执行副总裁,人力资源部总裁
  • Peter Kellogg,执行副总裁,首席财务官
  • Peter Kim,执行副总裁,默克实验室总裁
  • Raul Kohan,执行副总裁,动物健康产品总裁
  • Bruce Kuhlik,执行副总裁,首席法务官
  • Sue Capps Morris,幕僚长
  • Chris Scalet,执行副总裁,全球服务部以及首席信息官
  • Mery Turner,首席策略官
  • 招聘中 执行副总裁,首席医学事务官


先灵葆雅在动物健康产品方面保持世界领先水平,拥有超过1000种上市产品以及近30亿美金的销售收入,并且拥有强大的增长潜力。现任高级副总裁兼Intervet/Schering-Plough动物健康产品部总裁Raul Kohan将领导新默沙东的动物健康产品部。

在消费健康产品部领导人上任之前,现任先灵葆雅消费健康产品部主席Stan Barshay将临时担任这一重要产品领域的领导职务。


设立“首席合规官”这一职务,是先灵葆雅在业内有口皆碑的举措,而新的默沙东也将设立这一职位。这一职位的设立,将有助于新公司从核心领导和管理层面确保商业道德和合规性。我很高兴地宣布,现任先灵葆雅高级副总裁、全球优质运营长Rick Bowles,将担任新公司的首席合规官一职。


在上述任命之外,在我的团队中增加了“幕僚长”这一职位。现任默沙东美国生产部领导人的Sue Capps Morris将出任这一职位。合并之后,公司规模将显著增加,Sue将协助我有效管理日常商务事宜。



在此,我要感谢Fred Hassan和先灵葆雅的高级管理层和运营部门的领导同事,他们在制定新公司合并后的架构方面给予了大力的支持。在年初宣布合并之后,先灵葆雅的领导工作卓有成效,并将在迈向合并完成这一过程中继续保持高效。









合并完成之后,我们将在新的架构和团队中工作。到那个时候,我们将可以回答大家关于新公司的更多问题。Adam Schechter和Brent Saunders在领导默沙东以及先灵葆雅合并进程中做出了杰出的贡献,他们将在合并完成之后继续支持相应的工作。





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