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Sunday, 13 April 2008 23:12
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How to fix the 404 error of Joomla article SEF link
修复 Joomla 1.5.2 搜索引擎友好链接导致的404问题
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Well , I was suffered from diarrhea last whole week, not available for my current projects physically, so I rambled along with my personal portal on Joomla 1.5.2 during the convalescence.

As a sophisticated Mambo user and somewhat Drupal user, I was very early to have experience with Joomla, cause Joomla is more suitable for a CMS ONLY purpose, it's pretty weak on social network function compared to Drupal, which is a well-round-and-reputed platform being proved by bunch of instances out there.

Joomla 1.5.2 really messed up things, brought me more pains and torments than diarrhea. The big problem is, while turn on Search Engine Friendly URLs option in Global Configuration, some of the article links on the front page lead to a 404: Component not found warning page, and after struggling with your admin CP, you find yourself empty handed, the bad dream just keeps lingering, nothing changed until you turn off the Search Engine Friendly URLs option again, everything back to normal besides leaving this feature in absurd situation.


Alright, maybe you've already noticed that some of the links had this abnormal 404, some of them don't, why? I found that the articles under those sample database generated sections/categories were had their links always OK while none of those under new added sections/categories were OK, that focused me on something.

Keep studying further more, again I found that those links under default generated sections/categories also have chance of returning 404 while those sections/categories were NOT presented on the front page, in other words, they don't have a component instance on the front page, that's why the link returning 404 has a /component/content/article/ part in the URL other than the section names in the normal ones!

We got the point, here comes the fixie, give those sections/categories their component instances on the front page.

HOW? Add new menu item of those sections/categories to main menu, or other menus that has a presence on the front page, well, that sounds ridiculous, maybe you have a huge sections/categories structure, and you have your main menu on head position in the template, eh......

So, let's try the clean way. Add a new menu titled Sections, remember to fill the module title (let's say sections also for easy recognition), this will add a new module titled sections automatically.

Then add new menu items to Sections menu, item type is Internal Link -> Articles -> Section -> Section Layout, Title is your section title, select the correspondent section name from the dropdown list in the Parameters - Basic field, tuneup with other parameters setting, then save that menu item.

Repeat above work to create menu items for other of your sections, after finishing that, go to Module Manager, setup the display position of your sections module, I suggest you arrange it on the left or right.

Back to you front page, refresh and see what happens, cheers!

Note: The occasion of 404 is comprehensive, this article is only a cure for one or few of them.

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