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Fegurð – Beauty PDF E-mail
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The Style - Videos
Written by POPOEVER   
Sunday, 12 June 2011 23:23

Fegurð - a fashion video produced in Iceland shot on Canon 7D(Stu-Settings) from Fabian Weber Ida Gut’s timeless fashion perfectly matches the mystic and unique landscape of Iceland.

The breathtaking coulisse of an old abandoned shipwreck, a crashed airplane and the ice bay of Jökulsárlón as well as the music from the native vocalist and singer Jónsi highlight's the pictures on the still active volcano island.

I hope you enjoy!

Zapd - The minimum possibility PDF E-mail
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The Internet - Web 2.0
Written by POPOEVER   
Tuesday, 26 April 2011 14:17

I'd never thought about posting from an ultra-movable equipment ten years ago, that was an era of huge portal sites gathering the mass, nothing was better than bunch of features and contents crowding the 1024 page.

The situation was completely changed with the rising of smart phone and palm gadget like iPod Touch, and blog as well encouraging people turning themselves into a part of the global media cloud, which finally lead us to a real "mini" site reserving the most essential part of the Internet, photo, text, and hyperlink, by dumping all those unnecessaries. I'm talking about Zapd, a recent featured app on iTunes App Store, it's rather a mini blog than a mini site builder, you can use it beyond the imagination. Different from about.me, Zapd is suitable for building a page that can be continuously updated while you move around, it's more like a personal showcase than tumblr, ripped off all those noisy functionalities like Repost and Love, do we really need them?

Thanks the philosophy of minimalist and simplicity, and those people who stick to it. My Zapd mini site: Cherry Bomb | ThinkPod

Vive l'Internet!



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